How can I upgrade the AppExchange package?

You’ll need to upgrade your org’s AppExchange package to use the latest version of Scan to Salesforce (Salesforce app). Here are the simple steps you need to do.


1. Go to –


2. Click Get it now on the Scan to Salesforce page on AppExchange.
If it asks you to log in with your account, click on Salesforce and log in with your Salesforce organization details.

See here for how to log in to your organization: Trailblazer ID and Multi-Org Experience.

  • If you’re taken to the login screen, go ahead and log in.
  • If you’re asked for the destination to be Production or Sandbox, choose the environment of your original installation organization.
  • When the installation details are displayed, agree to the terms and conditions and click Confirm and Install.


3. Choose The same options as in the current use environment and click the Upgrade button.


4. If the installation is successful, you’ll see the following screen. Click the Done button.


5. Click Scan to Salesforce in the Installed Packages screen of the Setup section.


6. Check the version number in the package details screen.That’s it. You’ve now upgraded to the latest version of Scan to Salesforce.

After upgrading, you may need to set certain details before you can start using the latest updates.

Be sure to check our monthly update emails and Release notes for information on how to set up and enjoy the new features.

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