The org’s business card data that was in the Scan to Salesforce app in Salesforce has disappeared. How can I recover it?

*Please note you need an admin account to do this.

If the Delete all Cards button is accidentally clicked in the Scan to Salesforce desktop app, all the org’s saved card data will be removed.

But if this happens, it can usually be recovered.

Try the first step, and if that fails, the second is slower, but will also work.

1. Restore from the Recycle Bin (for all the org’s data)

Go to Salesforce App Launcher > Recycle Bin > select Org Recycle Bin from the list view > check the box for SSCard and restore the data.

*If you also want to restore the business card images, restore the Content Document data.


2. Restore/re-upload from the mobile app (user-by-user)

If the above #1 didn’t work, each user can restore from Upload History in the mobile app and then re-upload. 

Each user needs to open the Scan to Salesforce mobile app > click the History icon in the bottom left > select one business card at a time > tap Re-upload to Salesforce.


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