Can I customize field mapping for business card data and Leads, Account, and Contacts?

Yes, you can set how business card data is transferred to each field.

Please note you need an admin account to do this.

Follow these steps to set up Field settings.

1. Assign permissions sets
To start Field settings, complete the Permission sets settings by assigning the applicable Permission set:

  • Scan to Salesforce: Assign to all app users
  • Scan to Salesforce Admin: Assign to users who will use Admin settings

Go to Setup > Administration > Users > Permission Sets and find Scan to Salesforce or Scan to Salesforce Admin. Assign the Permission sets by clicking Manage Assignments and then choosing the relevant users.

2. Field settings
Go to the Scan to Salesforce tab > gear icon > Field settings.
Select the object and record type, and set the object by following one of the transfer options displayed. Save the settings and the setup is complete.

  • Leave Blank: No value will be entered.
  • Fixed Value: Set a fixed value that will be applied to all business card data. Users can edit values individually if you allow them to overwrite values for fields when transferring business card data. Go here for more information.
  • Card field: Reflect the value of the selected business card data item.


*Note that you can’t select "Leave Blank" if the field is required.
*Note that you can’t select business card data of a type that does not match with the field.

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