What's New in Scan to Salesforce – May 2020

Salesforce App

  • New Feature: Added a custom "Created by Scan to Salesforce" field to identify Leads or Contacts uploaded from Scan to Salesforce (more info).
  • New Feature: Added a function to overwrite contact information when there is duplicate Lead or Contact data in Salesforce org (more info).

Overwrite Leads/Contacts information

  • Fix: Fixed issue with Safari browser not displaying the business card image.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with custom fields not showing up in the default value settings.

Mobile App

  • New Feature: Added an option to use abbreviations for states in OCR processing (more info).
  • New Feature: Added a search function to the upload history of the mobile app (more info).

5.2.PNG 5.1.PNG
History search function

  • Improvement: Improved uploading performance by compressing business card images.
  • Improvement: Extended the Salesforce login session in the mobile app.
  • Improvement: Improved OCR performance by turning off address validation by default.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with login to Salesforce via Android devices.

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