I can't upload scanned business card data from the mobile app. What should I do?

This is likely because the admin has not installed the app in your org’s Salesforce and/or the settings haven’t been fully completed. Here’s what needs to be done.

Note that you need an admin account to do this.

1.Install Scan to Salesforce in your Salesforce organization

Get it from AppExchange here.

2.Assign permission sets

Permissions sets allow users to upload business card data from the mobile app to Salesforce. 

This is done by letting users edit the custom object used by Scan to Salesforce.

There are two types of Permission sets. Assign them as appropriate:

  • Scan to Salesforce: Assign to all app users
  • Scan to Salesforce Admin: Assign to users who will use Admin settings

Go to Setup > Administration > Users > Permission Sets and find Scan to Salesforce or Scan to Salesforce Admin.

Assign the Permission sets by clicking Manage Assignments and then choosing the relevant users.


Check our Admin Guide to find more about error codes you may run into.

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